The 2021-2022 season

In a research-amount approach, the PISSARO project has integrated – during the last cyclonic season – a working group on the reflection and the experimentation of the monthly forecast in the south-west Indian Ocean initiated by the DIROI, the CNRM and the ENM in 2018. The experimentation starts again for this 2021-2022 season and enriches its analysis with new forecasting products (Hovmöller diagrams with wave filtering up to week S6, S2S forecast maps of tropical cyclone trajectories…). PISSARO is associated with the Indian Ocean CREWS (Climate Risk & Early Warning Systems) project to develop user-oriented forecast products. The quality of these “automatic” products will be evaluated by the experts of this working group.

The monthly annotated briefings are available by clicking below (restricted access to participants):

A retex will take place at the end of the cyclone season with the participants in the briefings of the 2021-2022 season in order to assess the season, evaluate the monthly forecasts, discuss external forcing favouring the initiation of precursors for cyclogenesis and evaluate the contribution of the new products used for the analysis. An assessment will also be made of the quality of the products developed within the framework of the PISSARO project that have been evaluated.